Why Choose Us?

20 years of industry experience
Our factory is equipped with an automatic production line for aluminum honeycomb core, aluminum honeycomb composite panels and stone honeycomb composite panels.
Certified to ISO 9001:2015 quality management system standards.
We have participated in the compilation of 6 national standards for the honeycomb panel industry
Products have passed international standard testing approvals and certifications, including SGS, PSB, and ASTM.

    1. Aluminum Honeycomb Core
    2. Aluminum Honeycomb Core The aluminum honeycomb core is made by pulling apart precision bonded aluminum foil laminates in a uniform manner.Our honeycomb core cells feature an accurate size...
    1. Honeycomb Panel
    2. Honeycomb Panel Our honeycomb panels are the perfect substitute for traditional panels, thanks to its high strength, light weight and effective mechanical properties. Traditionally, there are 5 layers to a honeycomb panel: the veneer panel...
    1. Natural Stone Honeycomb Panel
    2. Natural Stone Honeycomb Panel Natural stone honeycomb panels are an advanced energy-saving and environmental-friendly building slab composed of an aluminum honeycomb backing and a stone veneer panel ...

With more than 20 years of experience, HyCOMB is committed to providing high-quality and innovative turnkey honeycomb panel solutions for your engineering projects, including not only ideal honeycomb panel products, but also processing services like drilling and installation, with the purpose of satisfying all customer needs while keeping their costs within budget.

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HyCOMB follows a series of strict quality management processes throughout all production stages to avoid any application problems. We are one of the few domestic Chinese manufacturers that meet international standards in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Greater China.

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